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Mango Tea

Avataa’s Mango Black Tea : Natural source of antioxidants that helps with detoxing, promotes weight loss and fights diabetes. (50GRAMS/25 CUPS).

  • BOOSTS IMMUNITY- Strengthens heart, bones and brain function, lowers cholesterol and also helps fight bad breath.
  • UNPARALLELED TASTE -Individually handpicked leaves that are minimally processed with an award winning system to ensure that the tea remains fresh.
  • SO FRESH YOU CAN FEEL IT - Made from the freshest parts of the plant and takes a journey of fewer than 24 hours from farm to your cup.
  • MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN - A blend of the finest mangoes and the perfect black tea straight from the lustrous peaks of Ceylon.



Directions To Prepare Tea

Add 10 to 12 pieces of the leaves (2 grams).

Heated to a temperature of 160 degree Fahrenheit

Tea leaves rest in the hot water for a couple of minutes

Drink at least 4 to 5 cups of freshly brewed teas everyday

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