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Rose Tea

Avataa’s Rose Black Tea : Packed with antioxidants and vitamins that helps with detoxing and cleansing, promotes weight loss. (50GRAMS/25 CUPS).

  • NOT JUST FOR VALENTINES - Enjoy the finest brew made from a mix of exquisite roses and unparalleled black tea. Our teas are not bitter.
  • HEALTHIFY YOURSELF - Boosts immunity, strengthens the heart and brain function, lowers cholesterol and reduces anxiety and promotes weight loss.
  • NATURE AT ITS PUREST - Our teas are free from preservatives and artificial flavours. Extreme care is being taken to make sure that remains the case.
  • SO PURE SO TRUE - Minimally processed and packed with an award winning dehydration and steaming process that ensures that the tea remains fresh.



Directions To Prepare Tea

Add 10 to 12 pieces of the leaves (2 grams).

Heated to a temperature of 160 degree Fahrenheit

Tea leaves rest in the hot water for a couple of minutes

Drink at least 4 to 5 cups of freshly brewed teas everyday

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