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Tulsi Tea

Avataa’s Tulsi (Holy Basil) Green Tea leaves: 100% natural source of antioxidants for detox and cleansing to promote weight loss.

  • CALM YOURSELF - Its mild and soothing flavour relaxes your mind and body from in and out leaving you feeling energised.
  • SO FRESH SO GOOD - Treat yourself to the Nilgiris’ finest leaves that taste as fresh and as good as it can get.
  • 100% NATURAL- All natural ingredients, directly from the farm to table with no preservatives or artificial flavours, unlike commercial chai products.
  • THE PERFECT COMBO- A blend of Tulsi (holy basil) and premium green tea leaves solely for those who believe in unadulterated purity.
  • IMPROVES IMMUNITY- Strengthens heart, bones and brain function, lowers cholesterol and also helps fight bad breath.
  • MADE IN INDIA- Our green tea leaves are picked, processed and packed in India and they are not bitter.



Directions To Prepare Tea

Add 10 to 12 pieces of the leaves (2 grams).

Heated to a temperature of 160 degree Fahrenheit

Tea leaves rest in the hot water for a couple of minutes

Drink at least 4 to 5 cups of freshly brewed teas everyday

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